My research interests broadly lie in the area of Computer Systems, encompassing operating systems and security. During my time at Utah, I also enjoyed building and tweaking Uintah Runtime system, which was a basis for running High Performance numerical codes on some of the largest supercomputers in the US.

My resume can be downloaded at and CV at

Technical reports:

  1. Los Alamos National Laboratory Summer project presentation
  2. B. Peterson, N. Xiao, J. Holmen, S. Chaganti, A. Pakki, J. Schmidt, D. Sunderland, A. Humphrey, M. Berzins. “Developing Uintah’s Runtime System For Forthcoming Architectures,” Subtitled “Refereed paper presented at the RESPA 15 Workshop at SuperComputing 2015 Austin Texas,” SCI Institute, 2015.
  3. M.S. project report at University of Utah.